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OK, the actual reason for my renewed activity is SPAM and lots of it.  Hopefully I’ve reconfigured so I no longer get offers for used cars in Omaha.

OK, it’s been too long.

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Yes, I’ve been letting the blog lie dormant.  No more!  I SHALL WRITE!

“Little Honey” Nominated for Grammy!

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“Best Americana Album” is the category.  The other nominees are Bob Dylan, Willie Nelson, Levon Helm and Wilco.  Grammy awards are given January 31st, 2010.

This is my eighth nomination.  Cross those fingers.

Remixing Lucinda Williams’ 1989 Rough Trade Album

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That’s right–just finished baking the tapes and transferring them into Pro Tools for a fresh mix.  Props to Mr. Dusty Wakeman for recording it right in the first place!

Rob Laufer

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Heard him?  You’d better!


Year’s End Lists Re: Little Honey

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Albums Of The Year

 “Little Honey” Lucinda Williams has been channeling hard-won wisdom into laments for so long, it is a shock to behold the singer love-struck. Williams being Williams, the happy songs hedge their bets, but high spirits predominate, as do snarling Stones-ish guitars, brisk tempos and a slew of funny punch lines.



Top 40 Albums Of 2008
#30 “Little Honey” After 30 years of weepers and heartbreakers, Williams proves she can also sing he-done-me-right songs. The aggrieved ex who growled, “You took my joy / I want it back” on 1998’s Car Wheels on a Gravel Road is now singing “Tears of Joy” — though still slinging stormy riffs, honky-tonk harmonies, and bourbon-soaked soul. Apparently, not even domestic bliss (the recently engaged singer reveals she found love “standing up behind an electric guitar”) can water down her liquor.



Top 10 Albums of 2008
#9 “Little Honey” After years in misery’s ditch, Williams finally put out a happy album, but it’s a little more nuanced than its publicity. Songs like “Tears of Joy” and the grinding guitar-rocker “Real Love,” show off a singer no longer ill at ease with easy pleasures (although, uncharacteristically, she’s suddenly at ease with lyrical cliché) while the Elvis Costello duet “Jailhouse Tears” proves she can even be funny. For all the smiles, there’s also plenty of material where the mood darkens. “Circles and X’s” and the glorious “Wishes Were Horses” (”If wishes were horses/ I’d have a ranch”) get Williams back to longing, territory where she’s unrivaled as a writer and unbeatable as a singer. The balance, though, makes this Williams’ sweetest album.



Top 144 Songs of 2008 
#13 “Real Love”


Top 10 National CD’s of 2008 - #1



Best Of 2008

#9 “Little Honey” It’s her most sonically and emotionally diverse record ever, and her best since Car Wheels On A Gravel Road.


Best Albums Of 2008

#2 Happiness suits Lucinda Williams. On “Little Honey,” she rolls out non-sappy love songs (“Tears of Joy”), alt-country prayers for serenity (“The Knowing” and “Heaven Blues”) and all-out rockers (“Honey Bee” and “Real Love”).


Top Albums of 2008

#7 ”Little Honey,” Lucinda Williams (Lost Highway) 
…one of the year’s best.


Favorite Albums of 2008

#8 ”Little Honey.” She’s in a love-struck (not love-sucks) phase for a change. Which means: less poetic but harder rocking.


Top 10 Albums of 2008

#7 ”Little Honey” (Lost Highway) The belle of the Americana ball shines on “Real Love,” a fun remake of AC/DC’s “It’s a Long Way to the Top” and “Jailhouse Tears,” a twangy duet with Elvis Costello.


Little Honey: Lusty, loose and wonderfully ragged, this explosive country-rock collection is the singer/songwriter’s most consistent, compelling disc in a decade.


Top 10 albums of 2008

#5 Williams proves that a happier, more fulfilled life can yield an album just as compelling as those of her more downcast, introspective periods.


Top 10 CD’s of 2008

#1 On Little Honey, alt-country queen Lucinda Williams returns to the more focused, rock-oriented sonics of her breakthrough 1998 album Car Wheels on a Gravel Road.


Best Albums of 2008

#34 Believe it or not, folks, this is Our Lucinda’s Stories from the CityStories from the Sea, her “Crazy in Love” and it’s mostly breathtaking, as strong as all save one (you know which) of those records she put out back when she was (ostensibly) miserable, an almost 20-year (!) stretch bookended by 1979’s Ramblin’ and last year’sWest.


Best Singles of 2008
#43 “Rarity” Nearly nine minutes, this gorgeous, honest song seems part eulogy to the nurturing music industry artists were fortunate enough to enjoy in the ‘70s and part damning indictment about what that industry has devolved into.


Best of 2008 - #15


Top 40 Albums of 2008 - #6

Listener’s Poll

#39 From the album’s opening track, the surging, angular, almost punk-feeling riff-rocker “Real Love”; through several blues compositions, country-honker “Well Well Well” and the swampy, slide/harp-fueled “Heavy Blues;” Little Honey never falters.


Americana, Bluegrass & Country’s Best of 2008

#2 Lucinda Williams, Little Honey

Nice review

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Williams does her best work yet on “Little Honey”

Duane Rodriguez

Issue date: 11/20/08 Section: the Scene


I’ve always been a big fan of Lucinda Williams, ever since her amazing 1998 album Car Wheels on a Gravel Road. Her stuff is sterling.

Her latest, Little Honey (Lost Highway), could very well be her best yet. Williams is one of those writers whose work directly reflects what’s going on in their personal life at that time. While writing this album she found herself in a very stable relationship, which is her motivation here.

It’s a great sounding album that has some depth to it, courtesy of producer Eric Liljestrand. Thankfully, he doesn’t try to smooth over or hide the musicians’ emotional playing. It’s a pretty soulful album.

“Real Love” leads off with an attention-getting, guitar-jangling bang, and overall it’s a very well-paced album. Mixing genres on pretty much every song, like straight country on “Well, Well, Well,” the blues on “Tears of Joy” and guitar-thrashing rock “Honey Bee,” the album has something for everyone.

Besides the above mentioned, “Heaven Blues,” “Circles and Xs,” “Plan to Marry” and “Jailhouse Tears,” an Elvis Costello vocal duet, are all standouts. With Little Honey being her fourth album this decade, Lucinda Williams is getting better and better each time out.

Thirties tunes for “Public Enemies”

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Working with Bruce Fowler and a stellar cast of musicians, we are recreating the mid 1930s for the Michael Mann Film, “Public Enemies”.  One session ad 13 musicians in Bruce’s living room, then we continued the next week at Sonora Recorders in Atwater.  Both sessions sound great, and legit too!

A nice one from Knoxville

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Happy New Year and back in the studio with Hal Willner

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Hello all, and here’s to the New Year.  Hal Willner called me in to work on a set of songs by actor/musician Tim Robbins.  The songs are great and Tim’s voice, out of the “Bob Roberts” context, is a delight!   First task was guitar overdubs with Tim’s brother, David, then it’s on to some mixing.